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Including Joshua and Luke

Including Joshua and Luke

Meet Joshua and Luke. Joshua and Luke are five-year-old twins living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. With three older children also living with the disability and a daughter with high anxiety, their mother Amy knows all too well the difficulties the boys may face being included in everyday activities with their peers.

“I know about a little boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder who has been excluded from playing soccer. He doesn’t share and was overwhelmed so he sometimes hit the other children. Something like All In! would have been really handy for the parents. Coaches could really use it to help them with teams,” Amy says.

“I’m looking to get Joshua and Luke involved in sport but I know it will be difficult. Luke likes to sit on the ball. I’ve also tried to get them into after-school sport activities, but I keep getting told the group is full.

“Parents [of children with disabilities] shouldn’t have to jump up and down to make sure their child is properly included like any other child.”

Amy said going to birthday parties, the library and even school excursions can be challenging for her family.

“We can’t go into shops because of the stares we get. At birthday parties, if the parent hosting the party doesn’t know about how a child with Autism behaves we would probably be asked to leave. You could give parents an All In! report and it could help them better prepare.

“I even had to go on an excursion with one of my older children because the school said he couldn’t go on his own. If I didn’t go with him, he would have missed out. This made the child feel very different. It was embarrassing for him.

“Autism is a hidden disability. All In! will help other people in the community understand more.”

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