What is it?

All In! is here to help create a more inclusive community for children with disabilities by giving advice on how to make a child with a disability, and those around them, feel more included and valued as a member of the community.

The advice is tailored for you and presented in a clear and concise report that can be printed and shared with others so that no child needs to miss out!

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The steps involved

All In! works by asking three simple questions about the child – what is the situation they are facing, what is their disability and what is their age.

The whole process only takes a few minutes and will leave you with advice on how best to prepare for the situation, what to do during, address some common concerns and then how best to follow up to improve the experience for next time.

Report finder

To view previously generated reports place the report code exactly as it appears (e.g. RPT - 31504032014) below and we’ll email you a copy.



The situation a child is in can greatly affect the way they do things, so it’s important to define it so we can offer the best advice. To help, All In! will provide a range of common situations to choose from.



Don’t worry if you’re not 100% sure about the specific challenge a child is facing – remember, this is a guide not a diagnosis! All In! will provide a range of challenges for you to select the most appropriate.



Don’t worry if you don’t know the actual age of the child, All In! will provide a selection of life stages and you just need to pick the closest one.



Based on the information you have supplied, a report will be emailed to you for you to review, print and share.